Beacon Hill Park is located within Victoria, British Columbia. It was opened in the year 1882. The park is popular among both locals and tourists as it boasts a wide number of attractions and sights. The park has a wide number of amenities and during every summer, major events are held. The amenities include playgrounds, seven walking trails, a petting zoo, tennis court,s four ponds and landscaped gardens.

The park was originally founded by the indigenous tribe called Songhees of British Columbia and the traditional name of the park was Meecan meaning “belly”. It used to be a vital hunting and fishing ground for many indigenous groups.

The land became protected in the year 1858 and officially became a park in the year of 1882. It was at this time that it officially become the main park for the city of Victoria.

The park has significant Canadian cultural heritage. Not only was it a burial ground for the First Nations Coast Salish People but also has one of the largest totem poles in Canada. Beacon Hill Park also provides spectacular view of the Olympic Mountains of Washington.

beacon hill park

We are proud to work with a variety of landscaping companies in the designing and maintenance of our parks. We would like to give a shout out to Toronto Vaughan Landscaping and Landscape Design, De Haas Landscape Company, and Daisy Landscaping. Our gardens over the years have gone through major changes as we redesign the park. We take the suggestions our visitors have into considerations and revise our landscape designs annually in preparation for the coming year. All our park landscaping is done to minimize the ecological footprint and to encourage the wildlife in the area to flourish.

Annual August Picnic

Our annual August picnic was a great success this year. Over one hundred people came out to show their support of the environment and the protection of our parks. A fundraising barbecue was offered and speeches by local Councillors and stakeholders were made. We would like to thank Simply Ingredient Foods and Spices, Simply Ingredient Spices Online and Young-Winfield Spices Inc. for their donation of food, supplies and spices to our cause. We cannot thank them enough for the generosity they have shown us.

beacon hill park picnic